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Need a quick meal without the dishes from cooking this weekend? We've got you!


A family favorite! Spaghetti & cheese, baked to perfection! Side salads and bread to round out an awesome dinner!


Everyone will be happy at the dinner table!

Pick up or delivery ($6.99 fee)


Choose to pickup your meal "Hot & Ready" to eat or prepped and package for you to slide it in the oven when you get home as "Heat & Serve".

Baked Spaghetti Family Meal Bundle

  • All orders will need to be picked up. Please select a pickup time window before placing your order. 

    If you are late to pick up your meal, the "Hot & Ready" option is not gaurenteeed. 

    All payments must be made through our website. We are not able to accept other methods at this time. 

  • Hot & Ready: We'll prepare and cook your meal so it's ready to eat when you pick it up. Great for those who eat dinner right after arriving home from work. 

    Heat & Serve: We'll prepare the meal so that you can bring it home and slide it in the oven. This ia great option if you plan to eat a little later in the evening. 

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