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About Dani's Delectables

Hey there Sweets!

Everything happens for a reason...or at least that's what they say.
At a time where many people would give up, Dani decided she had no other option but to persevere.  Dani battled Kidney Disease, which quickly progressed and on May 7th, 2019 she received a new kidney from an Angel Donor. With the support of wonderful Family and Friends (which are now Family), she was more determined than ever! With a set of 9-yr old twins, a bedridden Grandmother who suffers from end stage Alzheimer's/Dementia, and bills to be paid, Dani searched for an idea of how to keep her family afloat. Everything happens for a reason... Long story short, a wonderful person tasted one of Dani's Dessert Jars, and found them to be too good to just keep them "in house"... and the rest is history! (full story on Do What's Right - Meet Dani)
Dani's Delectables is a woman-owned business working to make a better place in this world, one MEAL or SWEET at a time! The current menu offerings include:
- "Jars" filled with flavorful treats (some traditional - banana pudding - others more decadent - triple chocolate)
- Cakes - including Dani's very own German Chocolate
- and last but not least, Soups, Family Meals, Frozen ONE PAN MEALS, Salads...
Our goal is to grow so we can give back to our community and help it to grow.
Make sure to check out our Project - Smile...It's Free for more information on how we give back. 

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