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From Our Kitchen

This event is about sharing with those less fortunate what a home-cooked meal is like for the holidays.

Fixin's 4 Families

Why Contribute this Way?

Our mission is to grow our community. In order to do that, we consider everyone in it. The best way we felt we could make an impact was with this gesture.

We give so that others may have the feeling that they are cared about during the holiday season. 

So How does this Work?

Dani reached out to local schools during her initial Smile...It's Free project No Lonely Leftovers. With the holidays quickly approaching, she had the idea to donate her skills in the kitchen to some of the same groups she had interacted with before. 

She contacted a few local schools and asked for a list of families that would benefit from a home-cooked holiday meal. For 2019, only 4 families were selected due to limited known resources. (There are certainly more we would like to help.) 

For 2020, families have not yet been selected. If you know of a family in need, contact us to let us know who they are and why they should be selected. 

What is actually being Done?

We've all heard of a registry, be it for a wedding or party. We created a grocery registry for the items which we'll need to prepare for the selected families. 

We received donations to purchase the items from our grocery list. The donations exceeded our original goal and we were able to buy enough groceries to cook meals for 8 families.

We prepared a traditional holiday meal which was delivered to each of the families on Sunday, December 22nd, 2019.

For 2020, we are looking for food donations for our meal. Please think of us and our project when you are looking for a good cause to donate to.

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